Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas. We certainly enjoyed our holiday here in Page. Aunt Annie trekked up from Pheonix and we always have fun with her visiting. We mostly ate, drank and played every variety of card, dice and word game we could find. We are likely to play another this morning before Aunt Annie leaves, as Brian is determined to end a long losing-streak. We all got some very nice gifts - thank you to everyone. The kids are still enjoying all of their new toys, games and arts supplies. I'll likely not sign on again until after our move down the street. Our PO Box address remains the same, and so do our cell #'s.

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Allen said...

Glad I got to see the tree! Have you got lots of snow? Saw on the news about a horrid storm that went across the middle of America. Lovely and sunny here. Went to the Stanley horse races yesterday. Nice relaxing in the sun with a drink. J&A spent their whole time on the bouncy slide and castle. Christmas dinner was good with a big crowd. Glad it wasn't in my house though with 33! We have Allen work people round today so hoping the sun lasts and we can go out in the garden. Then people for dinner who leave in a few week - loosing all my friends. Allen's mum should land tomorrow for 3 weeks so more exploring with her. Allen's on Wednesday. I'm meant to be organising go carting but haven't got very far with that, oh dear. Jacob got a playmobil house for Christmas, very popular and Abi pink roller blades. Hope the move goes well.