Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving week

We had a few days off for Thanksgiving, and it was a welcomed break. We hosted Thanksgiving here for about 8 people - - they arrived around 1 pm and left around 9 pm (!) But that was because we were all having a good time. We had turkey and then turkey again about 6 pm, and of course lots of drinks. The next day we met up with the Klemme's for a small hike to the Toadstools. The boys ran the entire way, which is a marked change from former years when they complained it was too far. We're back into a regular routine of school and life....for now.


Rachael said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Allen went to a Thanksgiving dinner in London strangely enough! He flies back here and arrives Thursday having hopefully done lots of Christmas shopping. I have both children ill at home today, colds, coughs and ear infections, oh the joys!!! Hope the next lot of holidays go well where ever you are. xxx

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