Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Fall Weekend

Brian is in Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend, in between trainings in Colorado. Here at home, the three of us have just been enjoying some beautiful weather and a small town festival. It was just a few booths, a bouncy house and a band playing music. Jacob like the 'monster mash' song they played, so I think I'll download it to my ipod. That's really all for now.


Allen said...

Lovely seeing green grass - don't get it here! Been on half term holiday, which means the children have a week off school. Went away and stayed on a farm. Jacob helped the farmer bring in a cow and it's calf by rounding it up on a quad bike. I will post photos. Jacob drove the quad and loved it. We've booked to go again in Dec and we're going to do horse riding next time. My Mum and Dad should be arriving on Monday, can't wait. I am off on the HMS Gloucester next Friday for a 12 day trip to South Georgia (near the South Pole). Mum and Dad will be helping out with Jacob and Abi thankfully. I have 2 weeks off pre school and I'm very excited. Will miss the kids loads though. Thank you for Jacob's sweatshirt. I am saving it for his birthday. So I'll be posting Iceberg photos next!
Rachael xx

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