Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Soccer Season

It is soccer season, and both Annie & Jacob are playing this year. Jacob's games are much more organized, with rules, positions and a referee. Jacob doesn't usually play goalie, it was just the only good picture I got from his game. He seems to be enjoying it this year more than last, so let's hope it keeps up. Annie spent most of her game doing somersaults in the grass. We'll see if she shows any more interest as the games progress.

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Rachael said...

That time of year again! Jacob and Abi go to football club, I find it funny watching as Abi's busy chatting to the girls and Jacob's busy watching the ball and trying to avoid it! Jacob's at Beaver's tonight - that's the group before Cub Scouts. He's got loads of badges and is very pleased with himself.
Rachael xxx