Sunday, July 26, 2009

Montana Vacation

We took a second vacation this summer (what a great thing!). The family headed up to Montana to enjoy the scenery, cooler temperatures and all the activites that the state has to offer. We mostly stayed in Missoula, where Brian and I lived while he was getting his master's degree. It was a fun trip back, and we realized that we like the city as much as we did 10 years ago. Brian fished the Clark Fork River, which runs right through Missoula, and we spent time walking the park along the river and through the downtown. We did take a jaunt up to Whitefish and the Glacier National Park. While in Glacier, Brian fished the Flathead River & Lake MacDonald. The kids and I did a hike and took the shuttle up "Going-to-the-Sun" road to Logan's Pass. While in the park, we saw a moose, big-horn sheep, a marmont and lots of deer. All around, another great vacation.

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Allen said...

Hi Carrie
Glad you got to go away together! We fly to the UK on Tuesday. The flight this week got cancelled due to the drifting snow. The water tower broke today so no water at the mo. I have pans of water around the kitchen and a bath full of cold water too! No showers for a few days, hope we won't smell too bad. Heating is working but we are lucky as 75% of the houses are without heating as well as no water. So roll on Tuesday really and no more snow, we do love it but enough is enough! Finished for the winter today, start again the 1st week of September. Enjoy your last few weeks off.