Thursday, July 16, 2009

The McVay Clan

Grandpa John, Grandma Linda, Carrie, Jake & Annie
Grandpa John & Jake & Annie

Aunt Annie & Annie

Johnnie & Jake
Uncle Mike, Johnnie, Jake & Annie
We've had some good time with the McVay family over the past week. First, my dad and Linda came up to Page. We stopped by the Grand Canyon and Sedona on our way down to meet up with Aunt Annie. After a rendez-vous in Phoenix, the kids and I flew to Kansas City to see Uncle Mike, Aunt Kathy & cousins, Kelli and Johnnie. It's been a whirlwind of family, which is a nice change of pace for us. We're still out of town, visiting the Sweatland side of the family, but I'll post those pictures later.


Lori Stegeman said...

Hi Carrie,
It is great to see your family! You'll have to tell them 'hello' for me. I bet you have enjoyed having Annie live closer to you. Jake and Annie have really grown!

I just started up Facebook because we have been really busy the past year. The boys stay busy with their sports, school activities and church choir. Bob finished our basement and I have been taking classes to renew my teaching certificate. I am just going to substitute this year and then go back to full-time either next year or when Katie goes to Kindergarten.

This web page is great!!! I showed it to my kids and they were very interested in it. :) If you are still in K.C., we would love to see you! We live in Olathe near Olathe Northwest High School. Also, you are always welcome to stay with us when you are in town. I know Mike lives here, but we would love to have you and your family come and stay. Jake and Annie are about the same age as Nick and Katie, so I'm sure they would all have a blast!

Take care and if you get a chance give us a call. 913 839 1061. We are leaving Sunday morning to drive to Minnesota, but will be here unitl then.


Allen said...

Hi Carrie
Nice to see photos of the family. Did Brian go with you? Lovely seeing sunny, hot photos! Had more snow Monday and had great fun sledging. It's melted now though. Have a 'Summer Night' in the Mess tonight so it'll be strange going out in short sleeves when it's freezing outside. Two weeks until we go for our holiday in the UK. Looking forward to seeing family, having my hair cut and eating decent Indian food.