Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hot Chocolate

It it has been a bit since I've updated the site. I took one video from our Thanksgiving trip to Phoenix, but it didn't turn out. So, I snapped a picture of the kids from earlier this evening drinking hot chocolate. I took the kids to the elementary school playground this afternoon, and we ended up staying for over two hours. Jacob took up a tag game with some second-graders. Needless to say, he wore himself out, but enjoyed every minute of it. Annie was happily entertaining herself on the tire swing and slide. Then Jacob's friend, David, came by, so we extended our stay. Finally, it got too chilly and we headed home to warm up. That's all from here for now.


Allen said...

Chilly with you!? Went to our first Broncos game today with the neighbours and it was great fun. Much more interesting than on the TV. Also had dinner at a friends tonight. Will put some photos on the blog later.

Ceri said...

Owen won't even drink hot chocolate. It looks like fun to me. Stay warm.