Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree Cutting

Once again this year, we got a permit to cut down a tree from the Kiabab National Forest, near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was a fun way to see lots of snow and to spend the day. The snow was much deeper than last year, and we didn't want to risk driving too far down the unpaved forest service roads. So we walked for a bit and then just played in the snow, while Brian wandered off in search of a good tree. We ended up with a Ponderosa pine, which looks nice all decorated for the season. Both the kids loved the snow, but especially Jacob. Annie lasted for about 30 minutes and then just sat down. Eventually she started crying that she was cold. But in her defense, the snow was up to her thighs. The kids made snow angels, rolled around in the snow, dusted the snow off the fence and threw snow balls. Then we piled back into the truck for the ride home and bite to eat out.


Rachael said...

Cold even in that wonderful snow suit! Abi told me today that it wasn't Christmas today as there is no snow! At Allen's sister's at the moment for bacon rolls and champagne. Back to Allen's mum's for dinner in a while. Allen's off for a run up the hills, Jacob and Abi are busy with their cousins Finn and Cameron, it's great! Have a lovely Chistmas,

raquelgranet said...

It's nice to be able cut your own tree. We thought about having a real tree this year but ended up using our old plastic because we dont have stand. Will try next year, but we wont cut ours because its more colder here, will just buy at the store. Oh, how I miss Page, i remembered even though its winter we can still go to playground. We missed guys just by looking on your pictures...
Give my hugs to Jacob and Annie.