Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer, Flagstaff, Lake Powell

It has been a while since I've posted anything. We've just been busy - the kids are in pre-school, we've got soccer games two nights a week, miscellaneous things have popped up, and I've been working regularly. But all is very good. Jake is loving soccer and has improved greatly since last season. He's also become quite competitive, so much so that it is slightly embarrassing. We've also met up with our friends from the U.K. for a quick day trip to Flagstaff. They were touring the area with family, before they leave for their next deployment in the Falkland Islands. (We'll miss having them in the States!) The weather has maintained a summer like quality -- mid 80's and sunny, so we were glad to get back out on the lake with Steve & Christine and family. Thanks for inviting us, as always.

Pretty soon we'll celebrate Jacob Alan Sweatland's 5th birthday. So, I'll be posting some pictures from then (and hopefully in a more timely fashion.)


Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
Home safe and sound having visited 3 more National Parks that we hadn't seen so far. A long trip but we all enjoyed it. We'll miss being in the same country too. Jacob was busyily telling me about things he wanted to play with your Jacob and it made me feel a bit sad! Hope you're not working too hard and hope to see you in a month.

raquelgranet said...

Hi Carrie,
Annie's hair is gotten longer now, just don't let her be near to Landon hehe! It's nice that Jacob likes soccer ball, I guess Lois is not into it. Everything is fine with us. I'm still trying to find a job hopefully i will get soon. Lois joined the choir, her music teacher has not found yet that her voice is out of tune. I guess teachers here in the US are more nicer.. regards to everyone Raquel & Jesse.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Annie looks a lot like you in the top picture (minus the blond hair of course)