Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thanks Kelli & Johnny

Aunt Kathy & Uncle Mike sent a birthday present for Annie, and included some great hand-me-downs. I was fiddling with my camera, when Annie & Jacob both came out wearing their new and new-to-them items. So, I snapped a video to say thanks. (I should do this for everyone who gave a gift!) Jacob concentrated on the superhero pajamas, but there were many great items for him. Annie, of course, loves the ballerina dress, and she now offficially has a girls Dora bed. Thanks for the sheets! Thanks for it all!


Anonymous said...

This is Kelli- I love all of you and you are all nice and I miss you

Anonymous said...

Jake must be shooting up those spider pj's do not look they have any grow room. Although John kept wearing the batman superman and spiderman pj's well after he outgrew them. Miss you guys. Love Mike

raquelgranet said...

I like your dress Annie. Love Lois

We love your video! and love to browse your pictures, they're all cute..