Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camping at Jacob Lake

Another fun camping experience! This one was close to home, at a place called Jacob Lake, about 1.5 hours from Page on the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We went with our friends & neighbors, Maria, Ben and Landon. Landon, Jacob's buddy, is off to Alaska here in a little bit, and he will sorely miss his buddy for the rest of the summer.

We spent our time just relaxing and playing at the camp-site. We did walk to a small historic (1912) ranger cabin, petted some horses, picked up sticks and pine cones for firewood, found a horn-toad, spotted some mule deer, played with frisbees and a football, and just enjoyed the day and weather. We all got a kick out of the "lake" for which the little outpost is named. It is more like Jacob puddle, but it is one of the few permanent water sources in the area. That has made it significant to both travellers and wildlife, past-present-and-future. If you look at the top picture of Annie running to Brian, the dark spot in the field behind him is Jacob Lake. I guess it used to be much larger, but has dwindled with the years of drought. Anyway, besides some very chilly night time temperatures, it was thoroughly enjoyable!

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Rachael said...

Jacob loved the t shirt and has worn it twice. Shall I phone you and we can try and sort a few days to meet up in August somewhere?! We're in DC for most of July, looking forward to seeing everyone but not the weather. Allen's back fromt he UK but off to Ohio now. Hope camp's going well. Off to Red Rocks on Saturday - at last!