Monday, April 7, 2008

Childhood Milestone

It didn't take him long. He's quite proud of himself, and so are we. Press the play button and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

wow, carrie, that's very impressive. once things get a bit warmer here, we're going to work on owen. we had a couple weekends of gorgeous weather and had lovely walks at huntley meadows. now it's gone cold and drizzly again. best to all of you.

Rachael said...

Well done Jake! Abi did however say where is Annie and can Annie please do something too! We'll work on Jacob and Abi bike wise this summer. Visitors left today via LA due to flight cancellations - poor lot as it adds 10 hours onto their journey. Weekend of the 10th looks good, have written so more news in the letter.

Anonymous said...

Great job Jacob! Love, Aunt Sandy and Grandma.

Anonymous said...


Great job! Pretty soon you'll be driving a motorcycle, maybe a boat. Go get

Uncle Jim