Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday ! 4 years old !

We ended up celebrating Jake's birthday a day late, due to our trip to Prescott. But it was quite a day. We opened up gifts in the morning, and then rushed to get ready for his birthday party. We had about 12 kids over, mostly from his pre-school class. I, of course, forgot the camera until the party winded down. So I missed capturing the cake and the like. I used some of our moving boxes to make tunnels and rocket ships (Rachael, your boxes have seen a third life, the last being the most fun.) Plus we borrowed a bouncy-castle from some friends (thanks Christine!). I think everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy. Thankfully we have the day off, and we are just going to relax.

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Rachael said...

Sorry we didn't send a card, will bring something when we come and visit. Glad it all went well and the boxes came in useful. Will give you a ring to try and sort out what we want to see when we're at yours, Grand Canyon would be good. May come a day earlier. Looking forward to seeing you all