Saturday, September 8, 2007

Friday at the beach

Went to the beach this beautiful Friday afternoon. Temps are cooling down (for the desert), and it feels great. We had a relaxing and fun afternoon, with lots of swimming and playing in the soft sand.


Anonymous said...

Eleanor has a vest like Jacob. I can't believe how big those kids are getting

ceri said...

that beach looks gorgeous. i've never been out west (except for san fran); i'll have to do it some day. what lake is that?

Rachael said...

Can't wait to try the beach. Will it still be warm at the end of October? How's preschool going? Jacob's very annoyed he can't go to school at the weekend! Abi's going to ballet this week - I can't wait! Will post a photo (if I'm allowed to take them).

carriesweatland said...

Eric - glad to hear from you! You and Betsey & Eleanor should visit. I remember Betsey saying she needs to see the Grand Canyon.

Ceri -- Hi there! It's Lake Powell (the Colorado River dammed up at the Glen Canyon dam.) We live 5 miles from the dam, and everything in this town is known as the "dam" this or "dam" that (the dam babershop, the dam bar&grill, the dam photo shop) The lake is known mostly for boating, but there are a few great beaches.
Also a National Geographic article about the long-term drought:
And you are very, very, very welcome to come visit. Sounds like you've gone some more important plans in the near future, but the invitation is open for whenever.

Hi Rachael - I'm looking at your blog next. I had to look up temps for late October and it said upper 60's. That's a little cold for swimming, but we can still go to the beach and have a bon fire and play in the sand. I can see Abi in a pink tutu - I hope they get to wear them. Pre-school is going very well for Jake, he likes and I may put him for an extra morning after Christmas.