Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day with the Brits

We've been pal - ing around with our friends from DC. They are orginally from England/Scotland, and have two children ( a fellow Jacob-4 and an Abi - 3). They've just moved to Denver and we've been spending lots of time exploring with them. (too bad we are leaving.) Today, we went to Lair O'Bear park in the mountains near Red Rocks and enjoyed playing in the river and hiking the trails. It's fun to see kids having a great time outdoors and with no toys. At one point, both Jacobs climbed on a rock and pretended it was a boat on the seas.

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Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
We had a great day too! I'll definitely visit that spot again. We visited Belleview Park today and once again ended up in a river. The children had a great time, we'll have to go before you leave. See you at the weekend